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We are an independent commercial law firm and we pride ourselves in offering a wide array of expertise within our legal assistance services, from international business law and cross border transactions, contracts (such as distribution and agency agreements), company formation, branch incorporation, shareholders' agreements, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), real estate, bankruptcy, intellectual propertye-commerce, IT and software matters, consumer protectionbanking lawcriminal lawlitigationinternational debt collection and foreign judicial order enforcement, to domestic matters. We believe location is key, hence our strategic positioning in Bologna, in the heart of Emilia Romagna region. State-of-the-art infrastructure connects us to the hotspots of Milan and Rome, while an abundance of flights links our productive territory to other destinations in Europe, Middle East and north Africa.

An international law firm in the heart of Bologna

With no boundaries

Operating abroad activates a variety of issues and we know how useful it is to get everything covered under one roof. This is where we step in, with an integrated 360° view centred around you. The great number of clients that we assisted range from insurance institutes to industry playmakers, passing by financial operators and foreign law firms. But there is one thing they all shared: our lawyers’ tailor made approach to their needs. Thanks to the international professional network we grant transnational assistance even in tax and accounting matters. Some of us are also qualified as solicitors in England and Wales. We have strong relationship with qualified law firms in Brussels (Belgium), Bucarest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary) and London (UK).

Our Style

To assist a client is not just about understanding their plans, it is mostly about anticipating their future path of growth, by focusing on solutions while hinting at opportunities. Our offices may be in Italy, but our gaze is projected to the world. A way of seeing life, inside and outside the workplace, where national borders are not obstacles but sources of interest. We think that a good law firm should have more values than just integrity and sound expertise. That’s why we praise curiosity, listening, continuous learning, creativity, passion, timeliness, commitment. It’s by keeping this in mind that we manage to turn a legal service into a unique synergy between us and our client.

Areas of practice

Princivalle Apruzzi Danielli Law Firm offers assistance within both national and international frameworks, in commercial and corporate law (company and branch incorporation, m&a), by easing internationalization processes, and with a great range of contract types (trade, agency, distribution agreements, technology licence, e-commerce, real estate transactions, etc.); we can also assist you in regards to litigation, arbitration, bankruptcy proceedings or debt collection – such as European payment orders, judgments recognition and enforcement.We have a longstanding experience in banking law and regulatory matters, a sector in which we are highly trusted by a number of entities such as small banks, financial institutions, insurance mediators and credit brokers.Thanks to the positive relationships in place with Universities, research centres and other law firms in Italy and abroad we have built a dense network of independent law and consultancy firms.

It is essential for us that our clients feel always assisted

Our professional team

Lorenzo Princivalle
Partner, Avvocato
Valentina Apruzzi
Partner, Avvocato
Chiara Danielli
Partner, Avvocato
Maria Cecilia Bonino
Associate, Avvocato
Anna Maria Mancaleoni
Of counsel, Avvocato
Sonia Ugolini
Of Counsel, Avvocato
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